Wednesday, September 13, 2006

After quite a bit of reading and talking to co-workers, I've decided to go with TLC.
Herzig and Bochner both seem to be great places as well, but I just feel most comfortable with TLC. That is where most of the patients from my eye doctor go to, and a couple people at work have also gone there.
I was talking to one guy who went to LASIK MD, also in Toronto. I was interested in what he had to say, as that wasn't one of the options given to me by my eye doctor. Apparently, LASIK MD is a more "affordable" choice. But I'm a little leary of that, because my doctor told me you get what you pay for. Now I'm not saying anything bad about LASIK MD. The guy I was talking to at work was more than happy with his results, and can see great now. But he has to go back to them for follow up care. With TLC, I can go to my own eye doctor, who is right down the street from me, and not an hour away in Toronto.
I'll keep you posted on my upcoming appointment schedule.

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