Thursday, September 14, 2006

After telling my eye doctor that I wanted to go with TLC, they set up all of the appointments for me. I was pretty surprised at how quickly the appointments are coming up.
Next week, on Tuesday Sept 19, I go to my eye doctor for a preliminary check up. Apparently he's going to give me some eye drops to dilate my eyes so he can better examine them, and make sure that I don't have any eye disease or anything else that would complicate the procedure.
Because of the eye drops, I can't drive myself that day.

Once that is all taken care of, I have an appointment at TLC on Friday, September 22. That is where they give me there consultation and figure out what procedure is best for me. I can drive myself no problem that day.

The week after that, on Thursday, September 28, I have the actual procedure done.

I'm starting to get pretty excited now. Two weeks from today, my eyes are getting fixed! (Hopefully)

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