Saturday, September 30, 2006

A few details about the procedure

I arrived at the TLC clinic around 9:40 am, Thursday morning. Somehow, I managed to remain fairly calm the entire morning, maybe because I had to focus on driving through Toronto rush hour traffic. My girlfriend was with me, she was driving us home.

I walked into a fairly busy waiting room. Iwas surprised at homw many people were there, as it wasn't so busy when I went for my consultation the previous Friday.

After a few minutes of waiting, they called me into an office. I filled out some paperwork and paid in full up front. I then went back out in toe waiting room with my girlfreind where I waited another twenty mintues or so.

A woman with dark, wrap around sunglasses walked out of a room being guided by a nurse to a man in the waiting room "Where's your white cane?" he asked. "I can see," the woman replied. That made myself and some other patients in the waiting room very relieved.

Another 15 niutes and I was called up again. I looked at my girlfriend, said wish me luck, and walked off with the nurse.

She took me to another waiting room. This room at five green recliners on one side of it, and four padded wooden chairs on the other. I sat on a wooden chair. The people in the recliners were the ones that were next up for the surgery. We were all pretty nervous sitting there waiting. We talked about why were going through with it, and talked about our nervousness. Soon after, a you girl was guided into the room by a nurse. She was told to sit there with her eyes closed for twenty minutes while wearing the supplied dark wrap around sunglasses. We asked her how it went, and she siad it went well. We later found out that this girl actually passed out just before the procedure, but that's because whe was extremley squimish.

When she came in, another guy was taken into the operating room. We wish him luck. A new person came into the waiting room and sat down beside me. Not even ten minutes later, the guy who was taken away was back. "That was nothing!" he said. Again, very good for the rest of us to hear.

The young girl was given some eye drops by the nurse, and then she was taken out to the waiting room to see her parents.
That's when I was moved over to her chair.

I sat there for a minute or soon, when I was called out to talk to the surgeon. He examined my eyes, looked at my chart, and told me he was 100% comfortable performing either PRK or LASIK on my eyes, which was great to hear because I was a little nervous about LASIK after what I was previously told before. I made my decision to go with LASIK and was sent back to my cushy green chair. Just a bit more waiting to go.

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