Friday, September 15, 2006

I received a package from TLC in the mail. It contains couple of brochures, some information on the different types of procedures, and a bio of the doctor who will be performing my procedure. It all adds up to make me feel very comfortable about the everything. Oh yes, and the one brochure has Tiger Woods on it. Apparently he was a TLC patient, and was legally blind without his glasses before undergoing the procedure. You can watch a video of Tiger saying that himself at the TLC website.
The brochures talk a lot about safety, and about the different types of procedures that they use. Lasik, CustomLasik, PRK and so forth.
I won't know for sure what procedure I'll need done until I have my appointment with TLC next Friday. That's when we'll figure out what is best for my eyes.
Less than two weeks away now!

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