Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day. The day that I allow a surgeon to cut into my corneas with a laser and gently reshape the curvature of my eyes. Yikes!
I'm a little nervous about the whole process, but at the same time excited. It will be nice to be free of my glasses. If the surgery is that successful. They have given me plenty of paperwork saying that results are not guaranteed, and that I might still need to wear glasses after the procedure. A scary thought considering how much this is costing me, but the odds are in my favor. Most people come out of this with very favorable results.
The other thing that is making me nervous about this, is that I've found a few negative websites out there in the past few days. Websites that tell of permanent damage done to peoples eyes from LASIK, and I even saw one of the ads on this website warning against LASIK.
LASIK apparently has more surgical risks than PRK due to the creation of a corneal flap, but has a much faster healing time.

In less than 14 hours, I'll be heading to TLC and preparing for my surgery. Wish me luck!

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