Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well, I went to my eye doctor the other week and asked him about the possibility of having laser eye surgery. Not everyone is a candidate for it, and I wanted to make sure I was. I have a an astigmatism that has prevented me from getting contact lenses in the past. Even the toric lenses, which they say are designed for people with astigmatism, wouldn't work well with my eyes. This made me less than optimistic about my chances of being a candidate for LASIK.

My eye doctor made me feel much better about.
"You'd be fine," he said. "No problems at all. Your prescription has been relatively stable, and your problem is mainly astigmatism, not short or near sightedness. I see no reason why you couldn't have it done."

Yes! I thought that was great. I could finally get rid of my glasses. No more carrying around a pair of prescriptoin sunglasses and glasses. No more change my glasses getting in and out of the car. I can even get normal sunglasses again.

I hope.

You see, this is only step one in the process.

My eye doctor than gave me three choices of laser eye clinics to go to, all of which are in Toronto.
TLC Laser Eye Centre (, the Bochner Eye Institute (, and the Herzig Eye Institute (

I had a lot of research to do. Do I go to TLC, where they plug Tiger Woods as being a past client? Bochner, the official eye care centre of the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, and Argos? Or Herzig, with their promises of High Definition vision seen so frequently on TV?

Time to start reading some websites and talk to people at work who have also had the procedure done.

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