Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor for my first real consultation.
It was a little freaky at first. He put drops in my eyes to fully dialate them so he could look inside and make sure everything was healthy. The drops burned a little bit when he first put them in, but it went away after a minute or so.
The freaky part was the next set up drops he put in my eyes. They made them go numb so I couldn't feel anything, which is good because he placed something on my eyes to test the pressure. All I could feel was him holding my eyelid open, and all I could see was a blue light from this thing. Apparently, my eyes have a pressure of 14 (whatever that means) which is normal.
They need to check this because they check the pressure again after the surgery to make sure everything is healing well.
When I left the office, I had a bit of trouble focusing on things up close due to my eyes being fully dialated. Reading was near impossible.
I take my first trip to TLC on Friday. They'll do their full consultation, and then I'll know for sure if I'm a candidate for this or not. My eye doctor says it should be no problem.

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